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First dev blog for our first game Escape Run, it will be a fun game similar to an endless runner with obstacles and puzzles, developed in Unreal Engine 5.

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Hello to everyone!

This will be our first devblog.

Escape Run is a runner game similar to an endless runner where you play as a robber who has just robbed a bank, immediately after you get discovered, now you must run to escape the police, while dodging through obstacles and completing puzzles to progress through the level.


These are the moodboards we have come up with for our project.

Captura de ecr 2023 03 07 0118

The robber will have a classic design and our focus for this character will be a smooth animation.

Captura de ecr 2023 03 07 2033

For the policeman we went for a classic design as well instead focusing more in the animation and sound design.

Captura de ecr 2023 03 07 2148

For the environment we went for a super urban 21st century environment. The city will have smoke steam and more visual effects.

Captura de ecr 2023 03 08 0156

We are going for a mix between some realism and low-poly / cartoon, shadows and neutral colors will be present.

In conclusion for the early part of the project we are getting as many resources inspirations and ideas as we can.

Many more developments coming soon see you next week!

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