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Dev-Blog 1, fixed all of the known non-graphical bugs/glitches, added some new blocks, and a couple new features!

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Dev-Blog 1

Only few blogs remain after this update. We also added a new 'Launch' feature, new blocks, and the biggest change by far, We've added Boss levels.

Bugs & Fixes:

  • Fixed Paddle hit boxes sending the ball in random directions.
  • Fixed Blocks dropping through the intended stop zone.
  • Fixed Items being forced up above the reach of the paddle.
  • As of now, only visual bugs/artifacts remain.

Whats New?:

  • Added a New Feature simply called 'Launch'.
    • The first launch sends the ball with enough force to destroy a small collection bricks and makes for easier aim.
  • Added new blocks, Stunner and Mover.
    • Stunner, is a add-on for any block and will stun the paddle for a short time when they come in contact with each other.
    • Mover, is also an add-on for most blocks, allows the block to move in any direction, and even through other blocks if desired.
  • Added Boss Levels.
    • At the end of each stage will ow be a Boss level.
    • These levels are harder and carry a unusual mechanic for catching the player off guard and making it more varied and challenging.

All of these changes will be shown in the our first game-play trailer coming soon.

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