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Ave Its Caesar here with the first dev blog

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Ave followers of Rome rise of an empire its Caesar here pleased to give you the latest news

we will start off with new features

New Siege weaponry: during the course of many a PW mod's we noticed that no real siege's have taken place we how ever have decided we would like to try a different approach with the introduction of Siege weaponry such as Ballista Onagers and battering rams the reason for this is to give you the player more of a in depth feel rather than having someone rush up and break down the city gates with a sword you will have rocks thrown over the walls into formations troops going up the walls with ladders to give you the siege feel

New war economy System: the war economy system was a idea we had been toying with to prevent Factions from raging endless wars the attackers money chest will slowly empty and eventually leave them broke

New Trainable Classes: the is something every new PW can say we have new class's how ever they tend to be just a carbon copy of the original how ever with our mod you will have to earn the skills in game to go through the class's such as a the lower military class's you may start as a town watchman but may learn the skills to join the auxilia cavalry or even archers or infantry we also are introducing new class's that you may only learn from certain factions like Charioteers you may learn at one of the Greek city's or elephant rider you can learn at Carthage and finally heavy cavalry you may learn only at Athens


Cool ideas!

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RROAE_Dev_Caesar Author

there not just ideas

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Still waiting for you guys to contact me again, i know one of the devs of this mod contacted me on my YT channel about me doing some videos for you guys. But he never responded after our first converstation

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