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New training level, New IA mecanim, New HUD, New game mode ... More !!!

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Added :

- Mecanim for IA (More simple)

- Faction system (Friends soldiers shoot bad zombies)

- New pistol (USP)

- New rifle for IA (M4)

- New model for scar-h w/ Grenade launcher (Black and Tan camo)

- Wave game mode (1 map for now)

- New Menu

- New Tutorial level (screenshot available)

- New Enemies (Robot, only for TUTO level)

- UI update (for wave mode)

- NevMesh system for IA movement

- New vehicle model (Fire truck & Ambulance)

- New melee weapon “ Hammer “ & “ Shocker “

Improvement :

Level 01 :

- Big problem with the FOG, FOG is deactivate

- New start intro

- New terrain texture

- Rain is deleted (More FPS)

Fixe :

- IA (movement, animation)

- UI (Disappear after spawn)

- Bug with collider (level 01)

- Bugs with weapon (Muzzle Flash)

Grenade will not be available for the first release (some bugs)

Level 02 progress fast and good, new screenshots available soon.

Defcon, Game Designer.

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