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This is a development blog entry for the current state.

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Hey everyone!

This is a quick post to tell you everything about the current state of development.

I'm working very hard on this mod and I'm spending all my weekends and free time on it.
Currently, there is one finished level, and another almost finished level. I'm planning to do around 5-6 levels until the story comes to an end.
I managed to get some artists working on some logos and paintings, that means:

- Custom objects!
- Custom models!
- Custom notes, textures and more!
- Custom SFX!
- Custom particles!
- Voice acting! (Yes!, but I'm still looking for more voice actors. If you know somebody who is willing to give their voice to some dialogue, message me)

I've added some though time puzzles, I really hope the players will be able to solve them in time!

I can't really say something about the story, because I still don't know some details and I have to figure out what would be the best for the main character.

Stay tuned, I will update the next state in some weeks!

- Noneatme

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