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Dev Blog 06 - Unity 5, New optics, New Features ! We hope you like this!

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Hello Everyone !

Sorry for the delay of the new dev blog, ous were occupied a lot with the migration on unity 5, the resolution of the problems bound to the migration and the addition of news feature !

We have no date for the alpha because we want to correct and to improve the level 01 as good as possible.

Added :
- New Silencer Model for M1911 Silence and M9 Silence
- New texture for M9
- New animation for player legs
- New prefab of house
- The first lot of the level 2 is almost finished, and the police station is soon ended.
- New weapons Grenade*
- New Holographique Optic
- New ACOG Optic

Improvement :
- Sky system is better now (more realistic, new version)
- We change many mesh collider to box collider (optimization)
- We change the cutscene of the level 1
- Now HUD work on any resolution
- Light is fixe now (She was not stopped by a walls)

Fixed :
- Bug with the hud player
- Bug with truck & humwee (level 1)
- Many little bug (level 1)
- Bug with player animation
- Bug with all tree (level 01 & level 02)
- Size of ground texture
- Fog distance (level 01)

*This is a Beta for now and we are a probleme with this, we don’t know if we integrated it during the public apha.


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