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Today in Dev Blog 05: - What we added - That corrected us - Alpha

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Hello everybody!

First of all, excuse we for not having given many signs of life it is last time, we have a lot to work on the resolution of numerous bug, especially the bug RAM who prevented us from working on the level 01.

Today in Dev Blog 05:

- What we added

- That corrected us

- Alpha


- Addition of a model of legs as well as the animations

What mean that when players look at the ground he will see the legs of a person and will can see the animations during the movements

- Level “Tutoriel“

Here, you can see all models of “enemies“ & “ friends”, test weapons, shoot zombies etc …

- A new texture for sleeves (arms player)

- HUD for Health & Ammo

- Splash & Loading levels

- M1911 Silencer (Weapon & Prefab (Pickup & Ammo))

- More ammo & health (Level 01)

- Animation for Rangers model

- Animation for Zombie Female


- Ram bug (in the editor)

- Screen resolution (Menu & Splash Screen)

- Sound are change for SCAR-H

- Graphic optimization (Level 01)

- Collider is change for some models (crates, box, doors, wall, etc …)

- Light bug (Shadow works for all light)

- Translation of texts (Objectives, texts)

- Change texture of the ground (Level 01)

- Some bugs with zombies (Level 01)

- Change resolution texture (Menu)

- Some bugs with gameplay & player

- All sound of “impact” (Level 01)

About Alpha:

We have to work hard to fix the bug RAM it is last weeks, we added and corrected of numerous things.
We enter this week phase of Pre-alpha, that is some nobody will have access has the apha for a few days, then we shall correct the bugs which(who) will have reached us and after that we shall take(bring) out the apha in public.

The apha should thus arrive before a good week!

We are some screen of the legs and HUD in game :

Thank's guy's !

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Defcon, Game Designer.

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