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Development blog #005 for my upcoming game, Project Bullets. Here I'll show the new rooster of characters (replacing forever the square with legs), some new small visual effects and more.

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Hello everyone, time for a new update!

[DEV BLOG #005]


So, first of all, the blocky characters are forever gone. @Blaner kept making cool characters, so now I consider him the second member of Madwolf Studios (he doesn't know this, though. Maybe someday :P).
ANYWAY, he already made the first rooster of fighters. I've already inserted them in the game and made very unimaginative names to give them more less personality.






There will be a mini lore in the game available from a wiki which probably no one will read, but here is a little resume. Rhino is a Rhino (Rhinok) soldier from an alien race, Raider is a mutated human raider from the nuclear wasteland of the earth (Some Fallout there!), Scarlet (real name Scarlett) is a human (humanoid) space bounty hunter that got her nickname because of her distinctive scarlet red suit, and Goud (german word for Gold) is a humanoid space pirate/bounty hunter (whatever he likes for the day) that is covered in a mostly-gold armor.
Anyway, the old blocky characters are forever gone. Nice there.


I've adding new some new effects. The most important is the hit flash. When a player takes damage, the character will flash for some brief miliseconds. This adds a lot to the feedback. Also, to compensate the effect of the bullets kinda teleporting to target, I've added some bullet trails.
Then, I've been fixing some animation bugs and trying to improve the lighting engine a bit. I've also made a room with reactive lighting. That means, when less sources of light are available, the darker the room will turn.


Because of the nature of the game, I can't really use the phyiscs engine of GMS (At least, I think I can't, I'll be very happy to know otherwise), so I've started to write my physics """"engine"""", so the barrels, at the very least, won't stay floating around. I'll be VERY grateful to recieve help with this, though.


Testing the game, I've noticed how the FPS dropped as I kept playing. Finally, I've found that the bullet shells were making the fps to drop when they were hundreds of them in the map. I've found a way to fix this while still retaining the same effect. I probably be doing a tutorial for this tomorrow or so. Anyway, problem fixed, now I can fire thousands of bullets without a care (Do not try this at home/town/world/universe, kids, bullets are a bad thing).

Also, I've been fixing some bugs here and there.

Every change can be seen in this small little mini video.

And that would close alpha 0.0.5. The next I'll be doing is a blood-wall painting engine. I'll be getting a little help from INK's source code so kindfully given by Zack and his team to the current Humble Bundle. Go and grab it, as well as some other great games there (with their source codes!) and the very own Game Maker 1.4 Pro Edition with every module!

Also, @Blaner is now working on tiles, so no more free tiles out of the game style. Things are getting real. We'll also be getting some new props and some decent weapons.

As always, you can follow us on Facebook!

So, anyway, that's it for today. See ya!


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