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Development blog #003 for my upcoming game, Project Bullets. Updates in menus, code, and the addition of a character selection screen.

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First of all, sorry for the lack of news. I've been in a... rather delicate state of health these last two weeks, so I couldn't work very much, let alone be online. Actually, I couldn't even get off the bed. So... fun...

ANYWAY, hello everyone! Time for a new update.

Sorry, I love this gif

[DEV BLOG #003]

Okay, controls. Now the game is THEORETICALLY """"playable."""".
First of all, one of the main problems was that the game was limited to Player 1 using keyboard/mouse, while Player 2 used an Xbox 360 gamepad. There was no other way the game could work. Now, I changed the code to make the players react to a control layout rather than to a hard coded predeterminated key mapping. In other words, now the controls are not hardcoded on the player object, thus making possible to use multiple gamepads (THEORETICALLY), allowing more players, letting player 2 use keyboard/mouse and 1 use gamepad, and things like that.
On top of that, I've rewrote the entire code for player data controllers, guns and bullets, to THEORETICALLY allow more players. Of course, there is a big but here, BUT I see 4 players happening sooner than later.

Now, menus. Boring stuff, yeah, but necessary.
Still a little buggy, but now the menus can be (almost) fully controled with keyboard and with a gamepad. Compatibilty <3. Also, these are reactive to the input to assign player control, which brings us to...

Character Selection screen (now with 100% more video)

I know it's empty and clunky, but it's functional. Basically, the weapon selection screen has been eliminated, and replaced with a character selection (something that was missing, as the sprites for each player were hard coded into the player constructor) plus weapon selection. Also, as I was saying, this is reactive, so, if I go to the character selection screen after the press of a gamepad button, Player 1 will be assigned to gamepad, and if I pressed a keyboard key before... well, you get the idea.

So, that's everything for this update.

Now, I've grown sick of menus, so I will fix some little bugs here and there and move on to work the graphics. I've found a spriter to make characters and tilesets (I'll show a sneak peak soon), and I'll be working on shaders.
Next time coming is a lighting engine. Let's see where that lead us.

If you like this, you can follow the progress on

Anyway, Jack signing off. G'day/g'night everyone!

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