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Development blog #002 for my upcoming game, Project Bullets.

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Hello everyone, time for a new update!

[DEV BLOG #002]

Well, I'll keep it short because it's sunday, and nobody wants to read/write this atm. Also because I don't have nothing very much fun to say.

These past days (and sadly, the next few days too) I've been working on the compatibility with gamepads and functionality of the menu.

Right until alpha 0.0.2, the game wasn't really playable. I'll explain: The only way you could play the game was with player 1 using keyboard + mouse, and player 2 using a 360 gamepad (not PS4, not generic, nothing. Just 360). On top of that, the menu was only working with the mouse, so player 2 couldn't select his weapons. These sounds like minor things but it was trash. It could never work properly, let alone with the upcoming 4 players.

First of all, I recoded the players so they don't have specifical controls for each, but rather, when created, take the control scheme from a layout (keyboard, gamepad 0-1-2-3). Then, I made a Controls Options menu section, when you can change the mapping from 2 profiles for both keyboard and gamepad (these are prone to change when I start to get feedback once I release the alpha). (PICTURE).

Then I recoded the menu for it to work with a gamepad, the keyboard or the mouse.
Now I have to spent some more hours remaking the menu so instead of a Select Map then Select Weapons menu, I have Select Loadout (that means Select Character AND Select Weapon) which reacts to the number of inputs (that means "press start/press enter"), then go to a Select Map that has a button which takes you to a Customize Match screen which lets you change parameters like lives and those thingies. Oh, yeah, there WILL BE a character selection. Probably, it will be just cosmetic (no advantajes/disvantajes), but that may change.

I'm well aware that these aren't exciting (?) news, but this is the MUST HAVE part. I mean, it's what will make the game actually playable.

After I have all this done (which should not take long than two or three days), I'll begin to work in the graphic part. Probably, I'll write a lighting engine, as well as putting more emphasis on particles and shaders. Oh, and try to make destructable enviroment, because I love permanence.

Anyway, here's a random gameplay from the other day.

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Goodbye everybody, I have to go... gotta leave you all behind and face the truuuuuuth


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