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Development blog #001 for my upcoming game, Project Bullets.

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[DEV BLOG #001]

In the past days, I've been working on things that are really boring but are a must for any game, so I can speed up the release of a public demo from the alpha.

Mostly, I've been focusing on user options. For now, I've added resolution selector (which is prone to bug the hell out, testing needed), as well as a shader switch to activate or deactivate the chromatic aberration when shooting, and a screenshake switch because 2 or 3 people out of 20 suggested it (more than 10%) because they were prone to feel dizzy with the effect. I also separated Sound FX and Music in different audio groups, and now you can control volume from each audio group independently, or a master volume (HOW NOVEL!).
I also added a map selector (to select between two maps... Yay!), and even a small beta logo from Madwolf in the main screen, and if you touch it, it directs you to the Facebook page (HOW NOVEL X2!).
On more funny changes, I've added a counter when the map starts, and added a new object, explosive fire barrels, which are a reskin from the already bad sprited explosive barrels, but now with 95% more red and... they do exactly the same but they leave fire on the ground, which damages you if you touch it, adding a little bit of variety.

Also, I made, with a friend, a gameplay video. I've recorded 4 matchs, and this is probably the worst and most boring, but the others were too long. I'll upload one of the long ones, anyway, soon.

If you want, you can find a complete changelog of version 0.0.2 here, but there won't be download link for a few more versions (so what's the point of a changelog? To make me feel better with myself, I suppose)

Warp System
+Now bullets and players can travel from one side to the other in the map
-Added fire
-Added fire explosive barrels

-Added Map Selection Menu
-Added checkboxes
-Remade Options Menu (now it has sections; options and graphics)

Audio Options
-Added checkbox to Mute
-Added Master volume controller
-Added Sound FX volume controller
-Added Music volume controller

Graphics Options
-Added resolution selector (PRONE TO BUG)
-Added Screenshake selector (disables the screenshake to prevent dizziness in certain people)
-Added Shader option (disables the chromatic aberration shader)
-Added fullscreen selector

-Sound FX and music are now separated in audiogroups.
-Lowered jump sound

-Disabled buttons when they should not be at reach to prevent bugs
-Fixed crash when pressing enter on the menu on certain parts

-Lowered a bit damage of shotgun
-Raised a bit damage of machine gun
-Raised damage of explosions

-Added shotgun effect when GO! is pressed
-Added fade in/out effects
-Added logo. Click it. :P

Anyway, that's all for today. Goodbye everyone!

Oh, and you can follow the game on Facebook too, because it's so novel!


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