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DXMP:HR Developers want you to decide the next map. Fans will vote on the winning idea, sketch, plan or map that takes a map from DX1 and a map from DX3 and mixes them together. What map would you like to play?

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Take a map from DX3, take a map from DX1, stick them together and you get something interesting...
but which two maps? A map which is neither DX3 nor DX1, somewhere between.
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User Posted ImagePlease tell us WHICH TWO (or more...steady on) maps you would really like to see one of our mappers construct. We will poll for the winners on the forums and we'll poll the same number of users on DX1 forums.

If you have specific ideas, please sketch or plan your dream "Fusion" map if you wish. One of our mappers will realize your concept, unless you want to use the SDK yourself, again one of our mappers will help you every step of the way, perhaps you'll blow us out of the water. Whether it is just an idea or an award-winning fusion of the two titles edited in the SDK, be the first fans to map for DXMP Human Revolution!

Rules: Anyone may apply.
Minimum entry is stating two maps and explaining how they could be used together.Closing Date: TBC - When release date of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is announced, we will confirm the date.

Prizes: TBC - We're indie modders, don't get excited, but there'll be a small prize, we've got plenty of time to get knitting you a pair of DXMP: Human Revolution socks. We'll do our best with a suitable prize.

So check out the videos and gameplay, fire up the first title, put your thinking hat on.
Make your map or idea the winner!

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