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Details on player animations and some screenshots of a couple different stances.

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NOTE: Much of this is likely to change, but it should give an idea as to how flexible and detailed I want the player's movement to be.

There are a number of variables that determine the character's animation.

1. Equipped GameItem
2. Stance
3. Movement
4. Tactical Mode
5. Weapon Status

The blend trees for the animations are done in that order. Each GameItem that can be equipped in a player's hands will have it's own set of animations (it's own blend tree). Then the animator blends between the different animation clips depending on the rest of the variables. Here is a list of the possible values for those variables:

9 - High Stand
8 - Stand
7 - Low Stand
6 - High Crouch
5 - Crouch
4 - Low Crouch
3 - Sitting
2 - Prone
1 - SideProne (Laying on side)

6 - Sprint
5 - Run
4 - Jog
3 - Speed Walk
2 - Walk
1 - Slow Walk
0 - Idle
-1 - Slow Walk Back
-2 - Walk Back

1 - Alert
0 - Casual

2 - ADS (Aim Down Sights or Secondary)
1 - Up
0 - Down

Some examples of how this looks right now:






You could make kindof smooth, not "locking", blending of stances. Something like first system shock had (though there was no actual player model and animation) with that floating dot thing. You could even apply some analog input to it, like trackIR, leaning sides and lookin above\under obstacles...

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call 911 we got a naked man on the lose.

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