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Control spaceship speed to enter into orbit against gravity.Make sure you do not speedup much as you might be lost. Space orbit requires a little knowledge of gravity to be applied while playing the game.

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Ever Wondered how difficult it is to put a satellite in orbit around a planet against gravity? Well these space games involving gravity and orbit are little tricky.

Space orbit gives you a little glimpse of how you can move around a high gravity object by maintaining proper velocity. Playing with gravity is not simple but it needs the proper physics to be applied.

Space games mostly involve fighting enemy and neglect the challenges faced in normal days by our space agencies. Space orbit let's you try the gravity defied stunt without the risk of destroying a million dollar satellite.

Space orbit game has 10 levels to begin with. First five levels are totally about gravity game. You learn how to control your spaceship in intense gravity and remain in orbit. You move your spaceship with a virtual joystick on the left of the screen to attain proper velocity so that the spaceship enters into orbit around the sun. Don't go too fast or you will be lost in the vastness of space and if you go to slow you will be pulled into the sun's gravity.

Assuming that you have mastered the gravity game the next two levels test your skills to remain in orbit for a longer period and the last three levels need you to be exactly precise to land on the planets as specified.

Hope you will love the gravity game. Leave your feedback for further improvements.

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