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Optional Add-ons will be provided after the upload of the mod itself, so that we make sure everyone meets there likeable play style .

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Mod release date is January 26th 2033

This mod tries its best to operate on all hardware and I will be able to provide as much support as possible.

But the mod currently has not a lot to worry about aside from maybe issues with memory or script errors, which is common.

The mod size is 5.38GB which is a heavy load of content for low end hardware, so make sure your hard drive/computer storage is spacious for a mod like this or else your low budget computer heats up like a Barbie laptop in the sun.

Gameplay clip here -

Minimum Requirements: [8GB RAM] [5.38GB INSTALL SIZE] [GTX 710 GPU] or higher [CPU i3 7100] or higher.

Recommended Requirements : [16GB RAM] [5.38GB INSTALL SIZE] GTX 1060ti] or higher [CPU i7 4770] or higher.

ss lorvu 01 21 20 17 27 15 zato

ss lorvu 01 21 20 02 20 38 l01

ss lorvu 01 21 20 02 41 21 l01

ss lorvu 01 23 20 10 32 33 l01

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