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Version 3.9 is near with lot of new content! Today we'll be showing you our new The Good, The Bad and The Bot game mode and a large weapon graphical upgrade.

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Hey, do you remember us? We are still around! It wasn't very long since 3.8 was released and here we go again. As it usually happens with our updates, there wasn't any special plans but one thing takes to the next, and eventually a new version full of changes, upgrades and additions is made. By the way, feel free to vote for us in Greenlight

Fistful of Frags 3.9 comes with a new game mode called 'The Good, The Bad And The Bot'. Can you tell who is human from who is not? Bots can't harm you in any way but other humans will do. Don't let them kill you and avoid killing those nice and friendly bots. Simple, isn't it? It isn't... Watch the video and tell me it isn't fun. We had lots of fun playing actually, and that's the very beginning of something that could get bigger.

The free aim revolver was introduced long ago but is in this mode where it shines most I think. It fulfills several purposes: won't allow easy long distance kills , getting close to your targets is critical and where most of the fun resides, it also indicates in a semi-realistic way when someone is aiming the gun or not. And of course, gives the whole thing a funny and nervous touch that fits quite well I think.

The AI is still very WIP, may be upgraded over the time with more tricks. For the moment they walk around, stay idle looking at humans and other bots, may even aim their gun (but never shoot), shout taunts, jump randomly... It isn't hard to detect them most of the time but it's a distraction and sometimes isn't possible to be 100% sure about their true artificial identity. In any case, it's humans that must play the bot role as good as possible.

And regarding our weapons, Paul68Rageous has been doing some nice updates. Some are completely new models/skins, others are just re-skins. The guns feel more used and the style differences has been lessened. Hope you like them!

Version 3.9 weapon graphical upgrade.


Nice. I hope this gets Greenlit soon.

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Resembles TTT in some ways, but western.

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R_Yell Author

It's actually more like games where there's AI involved, like Spy Party or The Ship. You can't kick ***** in any of them though.

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Awesome!!! Tnx for the new update!!!

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Looks quite fun. I'll have to give good ol' FOF a go again. :D

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