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Detailed list of the changes regarding special abilities and upgrades.

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  • Default Spellcaster maximum energy decreased from 200 to 150
  • Energy upgrades work differently for each unit
    - Medic, Wraith, Battlecruiser, Mothership -> +25 starting energy, +100 maximum energy
    - Spectre, Science Vessel, Queen -> +18.75 starting energy, +75 maximum energy
    - Ghost, High Templar -> +12.5 starting energy, +50 maximum energy
  • Upgrades available to the 5th tier


  • Medic
    - Optical Flare removed
    - Medic upgrades moved to Tech Lab
  • Ghost
    - Ocular Implants removed
    - Lockdown changed to Penetrator Round
    - Deals 100 damage Psionic to target unit
    - Buildings are immune
    - Ghost upgrades moved to Tech Lab
  • Spectre
    - Abilties:
    - Cloak: Research at Tech Lab
    - Plant Trackers:
    - Tracks target unit's sight
    - Research at Tech Lab
  • Science Vessel
    - New ability: Holographic Projection
    - Creates two holograms that cannot attack
    - Receives twice the normal damage
    - EMP Shockwave
    - Renamed to Seismic Shockwave
    - Deals 100 Concussive damage to all ground units in target area
    - Buidlings immune
    - Science Vessel upgrades moved to Fleet Control
  • Battlecruiser
    - Yamato damage amount increased from 260 Explosive to 300 Explosive
    - Battlecruiser upgrades moved to Fusion Lab
  • Command Center
    - Granted Sweeper Scan ability
    - Energy cost: 100
    - Research at Machine Shop
    - All Command Centers start with 100/150 energy
  • Academy
    - The Academy has been removed
    - Academy upgrades have been moved to the Tech Lab
  • Engineering Bay
    - The Engineering Bay has been removed.
  • Armory
    - Requires Barracks
    - Contains upgrades for both Infantry and Mech units
    - Infantry Lv. 2+ requires Fusion Lab
    - Mech Lv. 1 requires Factory
    - Mech Lv. 2+ requries Fusion Lab
    - Enables Missile Turret
  • Science Facility (Renamed to Fusion Lab)
    - Contains upgrades for Battlecruisers
    - Science Vessel upgrades moved to Control Tower (Renamed Fleet Control)
  • Covert Ops
    - Has been removed.
    - Ghost upgrades moved to Tech Lab


  • Queen
    - Ensnare and Parasite Removed
    - Spawn Broodling changed to Inject Larva
    - Target: Larva only
    - Spawns two powerful broodlings from each larba
    Each broodling lives for only 20s
    - Plague, Dark Swarm and Consume granted to the Queen
  • Hatchery
    - Can upgrade for Overlord
    - All Overlord upgrades require Lair


  • High Templar
    - Granted the Feedback ability
  • Corsair
    - Disruption Web removed
    - Granted the Void Prison ability
    - Freezes target unit or structure
    - Target unit or structure cannot move, attack, train units, upgrade, etc.
    - Some target buildings are unaffected
    - Energy cost decreased from 125 to 100
  • Mothership
    - Powerful aerial spellcaster
    - Granted Recall, Mind Control, and Maelstrom
    - Mind Control Energy cost increased from 150 to 200
    - Can target buildings
    - Mothership upgrades available at Nerazim Council
  • Observatory
    - Contains upgrades for Observers
    - Not a requirement to build Observers
  • Robotics Bay
    - NEW UPGRADE: Hardened Thermal Plating
    - Increases Immortal base armor by 2
  • Fleet Beacon
    - Contains upgrades for Scouts only
  • Arbiter Tribunal (Renamed Nerazim Council)
    - Contains upgrades for the Corsair and the Mothership
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