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A big article about the world of Gravix and his future

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Hey everyone, today we have got a lot to talk about. Our main themes are:

  • No more releases of Gravix?
  • YOU are on Desura?
  • Gravix has got a new Trailer?
  • Oh my, a new patch for my buggy version!

No more releases of Gravix?

Well as you know, Gravix is going to be published for real money, a price between 4,99€ and 9,99€ (but that will be decided in February). The point is that if I am releasing every update here for free, everyone playes Version 0.99 with the latest patch and the difference to the full version is...maybe a dialogue? =)

So, I am going to Patch Version 5 one last time, than it is finished. I am releasing a demo of course, but the demo won't be very big as Gravix isn't a very big game. I hope you are understanding my opinion.

The full Version of Gravix is going to be patched and updated for some months, so that you are getting free levelpacks, maybe some ingame stuff, goodies and things like that. There won't be DLC to pay for, everything is free for you. Why? Well, I am of course programming games but I am also a gamer and I heard it is cooler to get those things for free than to pay for them ;)

YOU are on Desura?

Yes, it is true. Some days ago, Scott Reismanis (Founder of Desura) sent me an email with my Beta Access for Desura, so now it is clear: I am going to publish Gravix over Desura. I am looking forward to publish it in April or maybe March, I have to see how it is going. The plans for DLC are already written on top, DLC will be completely free.

Gravix has got a new trailer

Yes, in order to get to the IGF you have to create trailer so I was forced =) The result is quite nice, see it here:

Oh my, a new patch for my buggy version!

Yes, one last patch is coming, I am going to upload it in a few hours. It will add some bugfixes like Esc freezes now the game, if you hit R you resume the game, if you hit Esc again you quit. Also a bunch of text and sound issues were fixed, Multiplayer is now also fully working like it should. You can't select multiple Levelpacks at once and the ball physics are now improved.

So, Gravix Version 5.3 is nearly ready.
Regards, Liam

Last edited thing: Would you like to see maybe a video from me to see who is behind all those funny dialogues and bugs? ;)

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