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This is the beginning of the story "Destiny Wind". You can look.

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Planet of the Mineguard. Castle Tepesvar. Gloomy dungeon of the fortress.

Methuselah lay on his knees, head down. He did not even dare move. Only his lips twitched slightly, and his tongue produced submissive answers. All his soul was seized by the mysterious streams of unprecedented fear.
"Yes, warlord," said Methuselah, still not looking up. "Yes, warlord... I know."
"The ship-city will be here soon," came a mechanical voice from above.
It came from a giant glowing sphere. If you look closely, you could consider that the sphere entirely consisted of numbers. A large and shimmering alien ball hanging in the air. Numbers flowed in different colors. In them one could see shades that were not yet known to the human race. The mysterious glow flared up every second, and then again began to fade.
- How long? Asked Methuselah. "We need help, warlord." We are dying ... These damn creatures do not give us life. They want to get rid of us in every way.
"Tomorrow," said a voice from the shining ball. "Tomorrow we will give you help." The Great Gods have given you a promise, and we dare not break it. It hurts us to see how you are suffering. As people, miserable creatures, think of themselves as Gods and ruthlessly root you out. We all try to save you together.
"The Meinhard Council asked for help from the Order of the Father," said the creature, bowing in front of the mysterious sphere. "They are protected as well as possible." I'm very fortunate that Mustafa has not yet exposed me. It's good that this gray-haired bastard is not so wise, otherwise I would be dead. And to my whole plan. The Council would have found out about my participation in the secret conspiracy and would have forced to answer for all the crimes.
"He will not know," the voice squeaked. "We will not allow this." We promised to help. The world of vampires should not disappear. The creators have made you perfect, and people do not understand this. For them, you are a virus, an infection .... a spreading disease. They will not stop at nothing to crush you.
"I have every faith in you, warlord," said Methuselah, whose sharp teeth lengthened noticeably. "We long to regain full control of the planet as before." We once headed the government of Meinhard. All the laws were written by our founders, the greatest of Chlipochtli. And people ... what they were ....
Saying these words, the vampire allowed himself to smile ominously. His smile widened over his mouth.
"Who they were," the bloodsucker continued, "food." Like broilers, which people grow on poultry farms. We bred them like cattle, and then they were hammered. But now, these creatures are headed by the government. We are exterminated, destroyed, survived .... They take everything from us.
The smile of Methuselah immediately fell from his face. The monster felt the rage begin to fill his heart again. It flared up in him every second.
"They survive us!" - repeated the vampire, - And all due to the fact that people think themselves to be the greatest. Soon, we will prove to them that this is not so. Mustafa is the first to know our rage. I'm looking forward to the moment to plunge my teeth into his carotid artery. I want to see how his scarlet blood goes straight to my mouth. I want to feel tasty blood. It's so sweet .... It will be even sweeter than the liquid emanating from all sorts of animals that I plant in my castle in order to hide all suspicions about my origin.
"Soon you will know the taste of the blood of people," said the one called Warlord, "Soon people will pay for their sins." We will bring help tomorrow in the afternoon. Be ready to oppose them. I hope your revenge plan is ready? We do not want any complications.
"Yes, warlord," replied Methuselah. "I have many loyal friends among the army of the Maingard and military representatives." I have comrades all over the planet. But there is one small problem ... It's something I'm afraid of. My actions can be hampered by the Order.
"Is Mustafa so dangerous?" - You heard a question, - You said that he does not suspect about the impending revenge.
"No, not Mustafa," the vampire said, "his brethren." The Order of the Father has a huge army of committed soldiers, able to withstand various threats in the universe. I am afraid of the arrival of their reinforcements. As soon as they see your ship, warlord ... They thought about sending more people here.
"So we'll make it even faster," the radiant sphere snarled. "And even if they send help, it will not save them." You'll see .... Your revenge will soon come to these miserable primates. And at the same time we will get even with them. We also have some accounts with them. Someday, I'll tell you. And now, we are forced to return to the control of the ship.
"Thank you, Warlord Meghas," bowed his head even more, "said Methuselah." I thank the Creators for sending help. " We more than ever needed it, we prayed for hundreds of years, and now they showed us their mercy. They thought that we are worthy of a chance to survive. The moment has come when the oppressors will pay for all their sins. I want them all to die. But not fast! No! Slow death will be their punishment. Slow and painful death. I want them to die in terrible torment!
"That's right," Mehsa's voice said in response. "You've got it all figured out." Wait for tomorrow's invasion. Be ready to deal a decisive blow. All of them must die.
"I want them to suffer," the vampire growled desperately. "I want them to experience great torment." I want this!
"They will suffer, Methuselah," the flickering sphere said. "I'm afraid they do not even imagine such suffering!"
The radiant ball widened noticeably. Then he changed his color to black and quickly began to dissolve. In less than two seconds, the huge sphere hanging in the air, the unknown sphere evaporated.
- They will suffer .... - Again heard the mysterious voice of Mehs, somewhere in the distance, - They will suffer ...... They will suffer ........

A day later.
Palace of the Meinhard Consilarium (Supreme Council).
Maingard City.

"Well, what about the vampires?" - heard the voice of Geront Agesilaus. - What news?
By the expression of the old man's face, one could understand that he was extremely worried. His blue eyes seemed to scatter in different directions, and his long beard quivered strangely.
"Perhaps the last cult," Mustafa answered, looking proudly toward the Geront and the Konsilarians. "The group headed by Imanish destroys another stash." I had to work aspen cola. Oh, and the tenacious of these creatures .... I do not envy Imanishu. It would be better if he was like Orpheus, somewhere in the volcanic worlds he traveled.
"Destroyed it?" - Asked geront.
"That's right," the Order's soldier nodded. "I just received a report from them by pigeon mail."
"You are real heroes!" - the voice of one of the advisers rang out. "The Consilarium has already prepared a gift for you."
- Wait! - clapping his hands, said Agesilaus, - And the Imanisha group has not returned yet?
"No," Mustafa said. "But the report has already been received." By the way, it's in my hands.
"May I see it?" The old man's voice was heard.
"Of course," replied the warrior, pulling a piece of paper out of his coat pocket. "Hold it."
Mustafa patted his grayed beard, and then reached out his hand to the paper Agesila. He immediately began to consider it carefully. After reading the fragment to the end, the geront allowed himself to smile broadly.
At the same time, two soldiers armed with halberds burst into the office to the governor. They were dressed in blue uniforms and the same color of cap. Their faces were rather joyful.
"Mr. Geront," one of the warriors said, bowing low. "Imanish El Faraday's group has returned."
- That is great! "Mustafa exclaimed with a grin." Fast as Burners. " Now we will listen to their report!
A few minutes later, the heroes of the Order already appeared before the consiliaries. Today they were absolutely admired by everyone. Especially among the whole elite were the enthusiastic eyes of Ayrat, the first secretary and deputy of the Geronte Agesilaus. In combination, this still quite young man was the son of the great Elder. He admired the victories of the Order, and thought of himself in the place of fighters of this organization.
The report lasted more than fifteen minutes. Imanish, a tall warrior in a turban and a bright green overcoat, clearly explained the details of the operation. Standing next to him, the dark-haired Svetlana nodded at every word. Yavuz also agreed with the commander of the group and constantly looked towards Agesilaus.
As it turned out, the combat group sent by Mustafa against another vampire cult, quickly defused the scoundrels. They tracked down where the members of this group gather, and attacked them directly during the consumption of food. Their victim was a young girl, an employee of the Salihard Bank, which they captured the day before. The girl was rescued, and she was immediately sent to the hospital. It was fortunate that the zhivodoryory inflicted on her only one cut. Imanisha's group miraculously managed to save her from vampire henchmen.
Only in the story of Imanish al-Faraday was one strangeness. The day before, Mustafa ordered the soldiers to capture the living leader of the cult so that he could tell about the rest of the organizations. But the mysterious sectarian committed suicide. According to Imanisha, the bloodsucker took a strange coat from his pocket, a capsule, and shoved it into his mouth. After this the zhivoderer went to his dark gods, taking with him to the grave all the secrets.
"Why did he commit suicide?" Mustafa asked here. "Any ideas?"
"I do not know," Imanish replied, straightening the turban on his head. "Obviously he did not want to give out secrets."
"Did he say anything before he died?" - Agesilaus's voice was heard.
His expression was extremely strange. His eyes flew in different directions like a madman.
"No," El Faraday replied. "Nothing." But in general it was amazing. As soon as I approached him with a naked scimitar, this bloodsucker immediately threw the pistol. Then he instantly took out his capsule and ate it. And then I already said.
"Obviously, he was hiding something," another voice was heard here. "And it's obviously something important." Vampires are desperately fighting for their lives, trying to preserve their race. But if the bloodsucker ends up with himself, it's no accident. He probably kept some secrets, which we do not guess.
Everyone looked at a pretty tall man with an eye patch. He stood directly opposite to Secretary Ayrat. It was a rather stern-looking man with a thick beard and long hair woven into a bun. He was dressed in a blue uniform, and his head was gaping with a tube, which was usually worn by merchants in the eastern regions of the planet.
"Ah, Elder Shikel," Agesilaus said here. "You have always good reasons." For this you are appreciated by the Council.
"I'm glad that you are so kind to me," smiled Shikel, "but I'll repeat it once more." Vampires never commit suicide without cause. Even cornered, these creatures are trying to survive.
"Yes, I remember one such beast," came the voice of the fat commander.
This huge and fat man had a rather strange name - Gyorgy Tugarin. He was born from the union of a rich military man from the capital and a simple peasant woman from the eastern regions. But nevertheless he looked quite like a resident of the native regions of Meinhard. His eyes were blue, and his head barely had vegetation. He did not even have a mustache or beard.
"I remember," said Tugarin. "I was still a major general near Tepesvara. In Tepesvara it blows cold even now, although all the bloodsuckers have been exterminated there for hundreds of years. I remember we hunted there for the next creatures, who are engaged in the kidnapping of young virgins. They took them under the cover of night and drank all the blood. We conducted an operation there, and we managed to destroy a hundred of these bastards. Their leader so fought for his life that he fought even without hands. When I cut off his legs and ripped open his guts, he continued to move. They are very tenacious. They are fighting for their lives to the last. And it is extremely strange for me to hear of the suicide of the leader of a vampire cult.
"Capsule with poison," said Agesilaus, "where does it come from?" What did the suicide process look like?
"He swallowed the capsule," Imanish explained. "And then he fell to the floor." From his mouth, white foam was used. And the blood vessels began to burst. I feel with my heart that this is not an ordinary poison.
"Such a poison is used by the military," Shikel's voice was heard. "I saw its application." Experienced in the animals. But he was banned. And if the vampire leader committed suicide in this way, then the capsule was not accidental.
- Do you think that we have a spy working for bloodsuckers? Mustafa asked in horror.
"That's right," replied the bearded elder. "That's what I think." I would like our soldiers from the Order of the Father to look for this scoundrel. Obviously, a bastard who works for bloodsuckers himself is one of them.
- Wait, we need to coordinate this issue with the Grandmaster, - said Imanish, - Without his will, we do nothing.
"I agree with Mr. Gardus Schickel," Geront Agesilaus said. "Talk to your commander-in-chief."
"I'll talk," Mustafa said with a sigh, patting his beard. "I'll talk." I give you my word.
Suddenly, the reception hall was shaken. This phenomenon arose so suddenly that Agesilaya almost did not have a stroke. His legs parted in different directions, and he hardly resisted. The push was pretty strong.
Then the shaking appeared again, and this time it was much stronger than the previous one. One of the advisors instantly collapsed on his fellow man, pinning him to the floor. The impulses began to happen more and more powerful and powerful.
Mustafa was seriously worried. His fez flew off his head at a furious speed and rolled on the floor. Imanish's group was also in perplexity. El Faraday with wild labor stayed on his feet. It was lucky that he leaned on Svetlana in time.
The shaking lasted a few seconds, and then began to subside.
"An earthquake?" Agesilaus asked in horror, as if addressing himself.

As soon as the tremors ceased, a strange and unknown rumble was heard. It came from somewhere outside the palace. Mustafa could not describe his feelings. This rumble reminded him completely different. In part, the sound was like the distant roar of a furnace. And then the commander of the Order seemed to hear the approaching tornado, ready to attack the city with all its natural and violent rage. Sounds all the time seemed different for Mustafa. His head began to ache with such an unprecedented cacophony.
- What the hell? - cursed Tugarin, - I now have all the membranes cracked!
"It seems like an earthquake," Ayrat's secretary's voice was heard. "We must urgently go outside!" It's not safe here!
"This is not an earthquake!" "Mustafa shouted here." The tremors stopped.
After a few seconds, this horrifying rumble disappeared, which irritates the nervous system so much in everyone in the room. Once again, that ordinary silence that surrounded the Consilarium's palace returned.
The eyes of those present in the room almost escaped from the orbits of strange sensations. The elders were in a wild bewilderment, which embraced all their souls completely and completely. One of the older women who belonged to the council, grabbed the heart with both hands and breathed heavily.
- And then what? Came the voice of Imanish: "I almost collapsed."
"And the walls were cracked," Gardus Shikel said here. "Look.
He pointed to the ceiling of the reception hall, and at the same time to all the walls, painted with frescoes. All of them were simply eaten by horrific cracks. It would seem that everything around was about to collapse.
At that moment the doors to the room opened and several people ran into it, dressed in a brown uniform and black berets. All of them were armed with pistol-machine guns with disk shops. All their faces were terribly worried.
"The Lord of the Elder," said one of the soldiers, "you need to see this."
- What to see? - were heard the perplexed voices of elderly rulers. - What happened? Earthquake?
"No, gentlemen, something else," answered the soldier. "Look at the windows."
"Through the windows?" "Mustafa's voice rang out." It's interesting to know what is there. "
All those present in the reception hall immediately left the room. They immediately ran out into a rather spacious corridor leading into a huge living room. It was there that you could look at the giant painted windows reflecting the whole panorama of the great Meinhard.
Soldiers accompanied the rulers and soldiers of the Order. They surrounded them almost everywhere. Their faces were so frightened that even Mustafa himself involuntarily contracted their fear. In addition, the Commander of the Order noticed that all the walls around were also cracked. A lot of beautiful paintings, hung in the corridor, fell to the floor and smashed to smithereens.
Having reached the living room, the elders and their allies finally achieved the desired goal. They found themselves in a rather spacious hall, which was now almost completely defeated. Tables, chairs, and painted cupboards lay on the floor. Some of the furniture is completely broken up into pieces. A lot of liquid was poured on the floor. Jolts dropped from the tables and picturesque vases with flowers. There was real chaos in the room.
But this did not attract the attention of all those present, but what was revealed to them, as soon as they just glanced at the huge windows leading out. What they saw made them turn pale.
Above the majestic city, dotted with all kinds of buildings and pipes, hung a strange design of unknown origin. She was literally hovering in the air. The origin of it was clearly alien. In form it was like a giant starfish. The design was entirely made of some unknown minerals.
Mustafa clearly saw the multiple lights with which the mysterious object was simply strewn. They flared with a bright bluish glow, which further imparted to the object of mystery.
"Your cavalerguard company," Gyorgy Tugarin swore fiercely, stomping his foot. "At first, bloodsuckers, and now this flying canoe." What will become of you, my dear Meungard ....
"The Great Lucretia," Geront Agesilaus said, astonished. "What is it ......?"
- What is it ... - voices of the other elders and their secretaries were heard, - What is this ..... ship .....
"Obviously, it's clearly not ours," Mustafa said, examining the design carefully. "And our allies do not travel to such people." This ship looks like a starfish. I have never seen such in my life.
"Is it unknown strangers?" - came the voice of Imanish, who was in no less wild astonishment, - They did not say anything at the time.
- The trouble has come - open the gate, - said nervously Gardus Shikel, whose eyes are noticeably whitened. - The trouble does not come one. In the beginning, vampires, now also aliens. The gods certainly do not spare the poor Maingard.
"But they do not attack," Mustafa said. "I do not see them attacking."
"What about the earthquake?" - Asked Tugarin here, - The whole palace is about to crack!
"It does not mean that they attacked," said the Commander of the Order. "Do not make such quick conclusions, Gyorgy." I prefer to follow the example of my friend Orpheus, and I better not immediately declare them enemies. The shaking could well be due to their sudden appearance. But that does not mean that they brought us a war.
"We'll see," Agesilaus said. "I do not know anything." A minute ago our main enemies were vampires.
"And now they seem to have evaporated," said Shikel. "It would be interesting to know what these aliens want."
"There must be panic in the city," the soldiers said. "It's hardly good."
Suddenly Mustafa jumped abruptly aside. The glass of the window shattered, and a strange round object flew into the palace. If the commander had hesitated for even a second, this unknown device would have pierced him through.
When an unknown ball flew into the living room, many noticed that it was made entirely of unknown minerals. It was impossible to determine its exact color, since it changed almost every split second. A mysterious alien device shimmered and flickered, and this further frightened those present.
It flew to the middle of a huge room, and then it hung in the air. After a moment, it was scattered into many pieces, and began to assemble into a shape. Soon it took on a face more like a human face.
- Who are you? - Agesilaus babbled in horror, staring at the demon face with astonished eyes. - What are you?
The electrical impulses passed through an unknown person hanging in the air. And then a voice was heard.
This voice seemed to come from somewhere on the other side of the universe. Everyone in the living room trembled with a panic attack.
"We .... There's Varlord Meghas," a mysterious face whispered. "A perfect and modernized superintelligence." We are the Oneness, enclosed in the ark. We are the Greatest Mind, able to control thousands of machines.
"You control that ship from the outside?" Mustafa asked here.
"Yes," the creature replied. "We are now inside the ark." We turn to you with the help of perfect communication systems. In this case, you are talking to the drones-messenger.
- What do you need? - heard the words of Geront Agesilaus, - Why did you come to our planet?
"We flew here for what belongs to us," Mekhas replied, "you took it from us."
- And what is it? - Asked one of the elders, - We did not steal anything from foreign creatures!
"You stole our land," the creature's face answered, "And we're going to take her."
- Lands? "Tugarin exclaimed in horror." We have been living on this planet for a thousand years! For thousands of years this world was ours! Our fathers and mothers lived here! This is the ancestral land of our ancestors!
"No," came the snarl of the Overmind. "You are mistaken." This world did not belong to you. And a few other creatures, which you oppress. They turned to us for help. And we are going to return to them the original possessions.


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