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Check out our new dev update video showing off never before seen content, additions, and improvements to despoiler in preparation for the steam release of DESPOILER, our Team Objective Arena Racer!

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Been a while since our last update, and we've been working hard preparing DESPOILER for release. Here's a quick recap of where we're at with development and what to expect by the time we release (soon!)

The biggest highlight for anyone who played our old demo build is most likely that you can now aim up much more effectively haha.

We've also had the opportunity to hire some fantastic contractors over the last year (some are still working on things too) and wanted to give a shout out to them all here below:

John Eyre was responsible for the environment art re-work of our snow level and the new bridges too.
Link to his Artstation
Paolo Boissel developed most of the environment art bespoke for the tropical and wasteland environments. Link to his Artstation
Francisco Alcalde modeled the mega-structures and tunnels you see around some of the levels and is currently working on new vehicle assets, as well as base and scrap mesh improvements!
Link to his Artstation

The beauty of our game wouldn't have been possible without these talented artists so huge shoutout to them, and we look forward to working together again in the future.

We also brought Wilson (who you may know as the developer behind the incredibly promising fps Trepang 2) on-board to develop some custom ai opponents that can back-fill multiplayer matches. He's done a fantastic job developing ai that can do everything a human opponent can and they even deliver a very satisfying PvE play experience on their own!
Check out his game and if you ever need an ai developer we highly recommend him.

And last but not least we currently have Jonathan Peros working on our full audio re-design and we're looking forward to sharing more on that in the future.

Finally we're looking for some helpful beta testers so if you'd like to help out and play-test with us just tweet @elliotgraytho (our creative director) to get in touch!

The Despoiler Dev Team

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