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Found there was still a small bug with starting a New Game from in-game...

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Uploading a version that finally fixes starting a New Game from in-game, and also decided to include some other fixes in this version:

  • Fixed keys remaining in inventory when starting a New Game from in-game
  • Fixed the food crafting interface trying to exit when no ingredients are present in the player's inventory
  • Fixed the weight of cups and bowls not updating after the liquid contained has been consumed from crafting
  • Fixed the Sneaking and Listening toggles not being reset after starting a New Game from in-game
  • Fixed the crafting of Coffee and Tea producing an item with a negative weight value
  • Added some indicators at the bottom-right of the screen for the Sneaking, Listening and StrategicMode toggles
  • Fixed blood decals not decaying over time
  • Added the ability to use a Knife on a dead body to gain a Raw Meat ingredient (a.k.a. cannibalism)
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