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Apparently starting a new game from the in-game menu got bugged in the last release, so uploading an Alpha 4.3 to address this and including some other minor fixes that the game seemed to be needing.

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The minor fixes are as follows:

  • Made attacking unconscious characters always hit
  • Made the creation of new food items not consume utensils (cups, plates, bowls, spoons and forks) or include the utensil weight
  • Gave jobs an hourly wage and made them payout at the end of the job each day (total earned is based on the presence of the character in the building which their job is based each hour… so a character (player or NPC) using the bathroom at their job location on the hour will not result in a loss of wages)
  • Made the Grocery Store restock its shelves each day at midnight
  • Made the number of police NPCs generated be no greater than the number of police jobs available
  • Modified the NPC generation code to make sure one with the Serial Killer class is generated if the player has not chosen that class
  • Reduced the number of NPCs generated to make the percentage of unemployed civilians 7% (1:14 as of today)
  • Made houses with no loot or NPCs generate on the map to reduce the amount of parks

We'll also try to get a video of the latest release uploaded in the next couple days :)

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