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Despicaville finally gets the grocery shopping experience it deserves :D

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We finally managed to create a working shop interface, yay! There is also a new Grocery Store added to the town generation, which you can shop in to your heart's content... provided you have the money to get everything you desire in it.

And now that there's a way to purchase items in the game, we can finally start pressing towards giving food items a decay rate and implementing a way to create new food products with the many ingredients already in the game. NPCs will also receive a small adjustment to their AI at that point, to make them actually have to search for food to eat instead of merely replenishing their hunger stat whenever they use a fridge... which will also open the option for them to take a trip to the grocery store and spend some of their hard-earned money (once jobs start providing money lol) to replenish their stock of food at home.

Stay tuned for some awesome and interesting new updates! ;)

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