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"Construct and Build" thats one of the new gameplay elements! As well as one more new unit and the first building in game.

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Today a new Gameplay element reached the NATO Headquarters as well as a new Unit.

"Design/Construct and Build"

One new gameplay element will be the "Design and Build" way of building up your base.
You need at least 2 Units to build a structure. One Unit (The Constructor or Designer) which designs the building and one unit (The Dozer) which finally finishs the structure.

The Designer:
The Designer is a new unit and is able to design the buildings, you can find a render in our Gallery.

The Headquarter made it in to the game!

At least the NATO Headquarter made it in the game. It have currently no texture just a simple test version. But after some fixing in the codes (with major help) the animations work very great!
The first NATO country made it in to the game, too. The Headquarter is now upgradeable to the full availability of German units.

In near futur it will be upgradable to US and French units!

Units in general are still in development!

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