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First Draft of the concept design document, this document lays the foundation for the further game development. special thx to Squiggers for uploading the templates

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A-Slingers: Concept Design Document

By NoveltyBoard
Version 0.1 First Draft

1 Table of contents

2 Overview.. 1
2.1 One Sentence. 1
2.2 One Paragraph. 1
2.3 Key features. 1
2.4 Background. 1
2.5 Story. 2
2.6 Art Style. 2

3 Game Play. 3
3.1 Objectives. 3
3.1.1 Destroy the other corporation. 3
3.1.2 Harvest resources. 3
3.1.3 Harvest Special Resources. 3
3.1.4 Stop the enemy from harvesting resources. 4
3.2 Mechanics. 4
3.2.1 Blissful Productivity. 4
3.2.2 Level Up. 4
3.2.3 Team Collaboration. 4
3.2.4 Progression. 5
3.2.5 Customization. 5
3.3 Rules. 5
3.3.1 Victory Conditions. 5
3.3.2 Abilities. 5
3.4 Important Game play Elements. 6
3.4.1 Shops. 6
3.4.2 Harvesting. 6
3.4.3 Android creeps. 7
3.5 Androids. 7

2 Overview

2.1 One Sentence A-Slingers, is an action packed sci-fi/western Role Playing/Strategy Game.

2.2 One Paragraph A-Slingers is an action packed sci-fi/western Role Playing/Strategy Game. Where players must work together and play out there roles within the team to destroy the factory of the other corporation. For achieving that goal they need to equip their androids with the right equipment. Which they can buy with the profit of the harvest of valuable resources deep within the core of R15311.

2.3 Key features Intensive team play
6 distinct Android/hero types
Unique resources gathering system
+ 40 items to combine in different builds
+10 unique late game items
24 hero abilities

2.4 Background The game is inspired on 3 games mainly. First: it is based on the rts/rpg game play of dota. You have the main map with 2 lanes and creeps who attack the other base. You also have the leveling system from War3/dota/LOL and the item/build possibility's with the implementation of equipment and shops.
Second: This game will be largely influenced by the game developer Relic and there view on RTS game play. Their main focus is creating hotspots on a map. They achieve this by implementing the capture point system and introducing multiple chokepoints on the maps. This focus on hotspots leverages the intensity of the game play to a greater level.
Third: The harvesting part of the game is based on the CTF game play from the fps genre. Players must collect a resource that is defended by Androids of the old corporation. Once they destroy the guards they can safely add the resources too there backpack and make a run for their factory, where they convert the resources. But they drop the resources if the die. This will add an extra punch to the intensity of the game play and will create 2-3 hotspots on the map, because 3 resources points will be available at one moment.

2.5 Story Under construction (Captain trips)

2.6 Art Style A gritty sci-fi/western setting with small influences of cyberpunk.

3 Game Play

3.1 Objectives

3.1.1 Destroy the other corporation This is the main objective of the game; destroy the Factory of the other corporation.

3.1.2 Harvest resources There are 2 way by collecting normal resources; normal income every 2 seconds every player receives one mineral. The second way of collecting minerals is going underground and steal them from the old corporation or the enemy corporation. Once you acquired the resources you must go back to your factory, where you can convert resources to minerals. When player converts resources at the factory, all players of his team will receive an equal mineral payment. With these resources you can buy "normal" gear in the Gun, Armor & Item shop.

3.1.3 Harvest Special Resources These resources cannot be cashed in the factory and remain in your backpack until used in the "Special Gear" shop. You can only collect these resources by destroying rogue Androids. These Rogue androids are mini bosses with greater strength then normal androids and wander the deep undergrounds of R15311. There are multiple type of rogue Androids and each of them carry an unique type of resource. These unique resources are required for buying special gear. Because a special gear item will require a combination of minerals and one or more special Resources.

3.1.4 Stop the enemy from harvesting resources By stopping the enemy from harvesting, you block his ability to buy better equipment. This will lead to a game play advantage. Also if you destroy an enemy Hero Android he will drop his collected resources and you will be able to collect them for you self.

3.2 Mechanics

3.2.1 Blissful Productivity The player going to have to work hard to achieve the main objective (destroying the enemy factory). The game play is focused on the harvesting work. This is a repetitive task that can be compared with real life work but it's surrounded with an entertaining layer of video game mechanics. The idea is that playing a game makes you happier when you are working hard, than when you would be relaxing. Essentially, we're optimized as human beings by working hard, and doing meaningful and rewarding work.
3.2.2 Level Up Levels are a system, or "ramp", by which players are, rewarded an increasing value for an accumulation of points. Stats are increased and abilities are unlocked as player's progresses to higher levels. The points in game are collected by killing enemy droids or structures. Not only the player that destroys the enemy receives points (experience) but also all the players who are within a radius of the action and/or dealt damage. The maximum level is 18 and the required points for each level are exponential.

3.2.3 Team Collaboration This simply means that each team has to work together to achieve the ultimate goal of the game.

3.2.4 Progression By introducing the leveling system the player will have good sense of character and game progression. Also he will be able to customize his Android with gear which he buys with hard earned minerals and special resources.

3.2.5 Customization The player can buy with his earned minerals and special resources items from the different shops on the above ground map. With these items he can personalize and optimize his android like he feels it fits him best.

3.3 Rules

3.3.1 Victory Conditions Time limit After 45 minutes of Real time the game ends even if both factories are alive. The winner of the game is the team that collected the most minerals (normal resources). The total Amount harvested will be shown in the scoreboard on the right-hand side of the screen. If both team end on a draw in resources harvested, the team with the most Hero kills will win. Hero kills are kills by a hero of a hero. If this doesn't resolve the draw then the game will be a draw. Factory destroyed The team that can destroy the enemy factory first will win the game. Resign The other team will win if a 4/6 players resign the game.

3.3.2 Abilities Abilities don't cost energy but have a cool down period. Items will enhance overall cool down of a players abilities.
Not all abilities will be available to player at the start of a game. Abilities will become available along with the Android's level progression.
Every type of Android has only unique 4 abilities.

3.4 Important Game play Elements

3.4.1 Shops There are 4 different shops available for each team in their base. Armor Shop Holds Different armor types for each Type of android Weapon Shop Holds Different weapons types for each Type of android Item Shop Holds items to enhance the performance of the hero, these items are not class specific. Special gear Shop Holds Unique items which are not class bound a can be used by any type of android. These items contain weapons, armor and general performance buffs. The cost of these items is not only minerals but they require extra special resources. These special resources can be collected by defeating random android mobs and collecting there drop in the underground.

3.4.2 Harvesting Players can earn minerals by collecting resources in the underground and bringing them above ground to their factory. These resources are heavily guarded by a mob of androids.

3.4.3 Android creeps These are androids that belong to the old corporation. 70 years before the current situation on R there was only one corporation who mined the depts. But too internal struggles the old corporation has been split in two corporations struggling for power. The news of the split never made it too the underground, so the androids still think the old corporation exists and go on with the mining. Unknowing of the new situations they see the new corporations as enemy corporations. Wandering mobs These mobs of Androids of the old corporations are wandering around in the underground pointlessly as they are lost in the old mining system. These mob hold a unique resource drop if they are defeated. These resources are needed for the Special gear shop. Guarding mobs On periodic moments the androids bring up the resources from the depths of R. These resources are guarded by Androids of the old Corp. These resources are the ones that can be converted too minerals.

3.5 Androids There are 6 distinct different models of Androids each with their strength and weaknesses. In the picture section you can find a raw draft of the abilities. These characters will be further developed in the coming months with the appropriate Concept art, ingame model and stats.

AND ALSO A GREAT SPECIAL THX to creators of the Design Document Template on moddb

thx alot Squiggers

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