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Just to stay active, there has been a small update to the design doc. I have added specializations to the game. These features are now working in the current build( non-release). They work separately from the player's stats...

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While Statistics change the players capabilities, specializations can add a bonus characteristic to augment their play styles.

Tank: Adds 50 to the player's armor with out adding a weight penalty.

Grenadier: Player has 4 grenade slots instead of 3 and can carry two of any grenade type instead of one ( up to a total of 4 ).

Silent Step: Cuts player walk\run down noise to 1/4.

Helmet: Adds a ballistic helmet and face mask, dampening head damage until it loses integrity.


I am still looking for help with modeling, animating and level design. The modeling and animation positions, primarily.

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