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We are currently debating 3 designs sheets for our mod and we got some images for the Ichigo model(author: Robo_killa)

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So, yet a long time without new huh?
well you must be used to that by now.
A half month to July, where it would be great to get the alpha release ready, as it will give a lot of work to pick from, but it is not a deadline.

Anubis came up with 2 design sheets, which is up for in team debate.(uhh secret stuff)
well, i can reveal that it is about using kido and another one about movements.

After it have been debated in the team corner, there will be released a pre conclusion to the forums, so the users can debate it.
The kido system is a hot topic and we will hope to get many opinions about the design sheet, (hopefully not too many against)

The same is up for the movement.

It have recently became a hot tropic to debate attacks and defense, and thereby also the blocking system. We are really happy for everyones suggestions and advice, and this should also be up for debate within short time.

And for anyones interest, we encourage to join the topic which debates the usage of swords and level upgrads and rankings etc etc.

Today Robo_killa uploaded some images of ichigo to the photobucket album, you can allways go watch the full album on our site, by clicking the gallerylink at the menu or writing
I have chosen to upload these images to moddb as well, enjoy.

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