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Redesigned Car Park and Drive in Theatre.

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This month I have mostly focused redesigned the car park in the game, not because the old car park was really badly designed or maybe it was!

I'm focusing on original idea I had for the car park earlier in development which was to create a multi-story car park which had three floors and rooftop section which leads to a bridge.

Old Design:

car park

New Design WIP:

The idea of avoiding cars which are parked is an idea I have implemented into the new car park. This time its a much larger scale than the previous car park with different patterns and layout.


enterance 1


Car Park First Floor WIP:

Still early in development with all floors within the car park, I have created parking sections which will hold cars and this creates a pathway through the car park which will lead to other floors.

first floor


Drive in Theatre WIP:

This was created a couple of days ago, at the moment its work in progress but I think it cool idea to centre a level around the theatre. I will continue to update and improve the theatre by adding more to the environment.




Added small planes to the entrance of the hanger to symbolize its a hanger.


I have created other things which are to early to show at the moment but stay tuned for the next update.

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