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Alright so this is my first mod for YR So lets get started

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Note : For more information about this mod,Go to my moddb page

Link :

Ivander Lim Rules is a mod for YR that was very old

The planning of this mod is make it looks like C&C Renegade Gameplay mechanism such as faster firing and nerfed damage

Not only that also add some units from Tiberian Dawn Or Generals (not sure about this one)

Also they are now using Ammo

There could be some modified things :

Revived Howitzer and using a correct voxel

Add comanche to change the role of nighthawk transport

Modified IFV Weapons(this can be hard to work)

Each Faction have spies

Each Subfaction has new special units

Modified Ore Miner Warning : if you play as allied the EVA Said Chrono Miner under attack


Ivander Lim Rules <------- idk why i put this

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