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Eagle Red Mod 1.8 mod for Yuri's Revenge (RA2 Not Included).

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This mod is not created by me although i edited some unbalances from the mod to make it as balanced as possible and here are the changes i've made so far:

- Faster build time
- Yuri prime can now control 3 units & buildings instead of 1
- Gatling artillery's weapon range increased
- Gatling artillery's weapon damage decreased
- Magnetron weapon range increased
- Superweapons are now capturable by engineers
- Maximum money is 50,000 and the minimum is 5,000
- Ore refineries and slave miners generate money even when not collecting ore
- Slave miners can only generate money if it is deployed
- Boomer submarine's torpedo weapon damage and range increased
- Video back buffer mode off for windows 10 users (Fixed lag during gameplay)

I tried my best to find the original developer of the mod but i couldn't,
so i just re-uploaded the mod and edited it as well.
If you are the original creator of the mod,
just sent me a message so we can discuss to details about this mod.

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