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Just to say I am not trying to represent any act in human history for the killer side. Also I am NOT trying to take copyright to any of my pictures. I will repeat: I am not trying to take copyright for any of my pictures. All of the photos I took from the internet: to the owners: I am so so sorry that I took your photo. All of the original photo is yours respectably.

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Moving on. The new textures are dark walls and floors and dim lights. I am trying to create an atmosphere of a abandoned lab. The deranged killer is actually your well,you can call them the survivors of the torture. You could have been one of them or what you are. Or most likely 6 feet under. The lights are dimmed for atmosphere reasons. There is actually a big Easter which you will have to find yourself. Anyway this is for level 5 and will be for download soon. Thank you.

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