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Time for another update! Here we discuss some concepts we are playing with, as well as go over whats working, and whats not. Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.

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Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.

Hello Everyone!

Today is May 11th, early morning. Its nice out and a little cold still, just a few days before its going to get hot, and stay hot. So today is a good day for work.

We have been working hard, but there has been very few screenshots or videos posted. This is because what we are working on is more internal, optimizations, as well as preparing for the next steps.

Currently, all the games mechanics are there and we are not putting a thick coat of polish on it and shining it to a glossy finish. The frames are back at 60fps, thats if I'm not recording, so take my word for it. Its running better than before, and hopefully it will run even better still. We have isolated a few issues that are hogging the CPU and we are experimenting with a few ways to combat this. Remember that theres at most 500 Dross running around any one level. They all need to be controlled and know where they’re supposed to be going and so on.


There has been some changes done to the art in the game. But, most of the art thats being created is for the next step, which is the full game. So I haven’t shown any of it. Just know things are going well art wise and I feel that im improving still, as i go along. Here is a preview of whats getting done.


Ive also, and as of this writing, haven’t, started doing commentary for my walkthroughs. So I plan once this is written to sit down and record. I have been trying to create the O SHT moments in the game. The level has a curve, a flow. This leads to a climax, level wise. Each level. Its pretty cool how its come along so well.

An example of this is how theres full control over the camera. You, the player, can zoom in really close and see all the little details ive incorperated into the art. Then, zoom way out and as it just gets a little hard to see, the minimap will pop up. you can rotate a full 360 degrees. This all works in normal speed or slow motion. Anyways, If the player loses track of the bug count, which i am constantly doing :) First theres the freeze. Then theres the disbelief. then theres the rapid scramble. This is fun to watch too. Testers are suddenly completely surrounded by hundreds of Bugs, this is where the true gameplay is.

Another good example is how slow motion isn’t doled out it little amounts. You can technically play the entire level in slow motion. There is no excuse, essentially, where you cannot beat the level. It requires a good squad with a good loadout, careful planning, and quick decisions. However, It does not require deft hands or fast reflexes.

We are exploring themes like death in games, and the balance of the Self. This is a game about your soldiers, your team. But also about the Dross, and the world they live in.

Honestly, I just want to say thank you to those who read this. We get around 1k views per article i write, however I don’t know who Is looking forward to the game, or just passing by. I do not expect great hype over this game which hasn’t really been played by many people and isn’t even out yet. But we think we are onto something good. We hope you think so too!

Comments are appreciated!



control is a little crooked, and so playable

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