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Its been a long road but for all purposes, our demo is done! We are accepting Testflight Testers too!

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The DEMO: Playing with TACCOM (Slow mo) - Indie DB

Its been a long road but for all purposes, our demo is done!

There are no bug, no issues. Everything that needed to be fixed is fixed. Everything thats needed to be done, is done.

Theres currently 10 levels. 10 Weapons. You complete a level, and you get a new weapon. You collect currency from exploring the level and completing missions. With this currency you purchase better gear.

Head Variation

Some new Variations on Soldiers

As you get Currency and gear, the difficulty increases. The Max amount of bugs allowed in level are 500, and it runs on the hardware at 30 frames with 500 bugs running around. However, completing the 10 levels of the demo will give around 200 bugs. So theres potentially 25 levels to hit the cap if i don’t lower the difficulty curve. I plan to lower the curve tho and have many more levels!

Completing one level unlocks a branching path where you can either quickly travel the game, or collect every Credit along the way and complete every level. This allows the player no keep progressing and not get stuck anywhere. We plan to remove the cheat button from clear view, but maybe still keep it if theres issues with getting stuck or having to replay levels after a reset.

Cleaned Up Corridors

Cleaning up the Corridor Art

All in all things are really good and I am happy. Happy with progress, happy with everything. Its been a long road but I can say that yes, our demo is done. And yes, we are on track!

Expect more soon!




i Will send you a DM for my Testflight account ;).

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Salt. Author

Thanks for the support!

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