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Attention boneless cop simulator enthusiasts! Do you have a Mac? Has your desire to dangle gone unfulfilled? Despair no more Deputy Dangle is now available on Mac! In addition to the new platform there have been many enhancements and bug fixes to both Mac and Windows versions.

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Patch Notes:

  • Mac version released.
  • Optimized assets in the moon lab.
  • Tweaked bounding colliders in Dangleton.
  • Fixed backwards wall in the Office Mission.
  • Removed plungerable properties from pillars in sewer that allowed player to get out of playable area.
  • Fixed framerate drops during loading areas in the sewer.
  • Added missing cat bounding volume in cat park.
  • Simplified physics of some small objects in Dangleton.
  • Fixed hole in tire models.
  • Fixed issues with resolution options and aspect ratio
  • Made changes to reduce camera clipping when player is climbing on the ceiling.
  • Made changes to prevent camera from going into the ground during the tower climb mission.
  • Vomit zones on tower climb mission now are not climbable rather than forcing the player to slide downward.
  • Fixed bug causing vehicles in traffic mission not to update movement visually.
  • Removed Find-O-Meter during "Question Citizens" sub mission.
  • Adjusted colliders between semi trucks in traffic mission to prevent player from getting stuck between them.
  • Fixed bug causing boat camera to not adjust properly when clipping through objects.
  • Fixed caustics not animating in office mission fish tank.
  • Changed truck crash cutscene in intro mission to look better and be more clear on what is happening.
  • Dangle now catches on fire when going through fire particles on tower climb mission.
  • Removed ability to activate plunger gun during cat pong fight.
  • Fixed bug allowing play time gui to show on the main menu.
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