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News from the Den. Every once in a while we'll post something for you all. News from the Den we'll call it. This first bit will be about what our game actually is. Also a preview from our soon to be launched Kickstarter.

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The Nascent is a 3.5d adventure platformer in the vein of previous greats such as metroid of castlevania. The term typically applied to these games is metroidvania however what does that really mean?

Like any of these metroidvania style games, the Nascent's gameplay is entirely a side scroller. You'll be going from left to right. However it is also a 3d game, so we can use the benefits of the modern technology to add a dynamic feel to the Nascent. This means that all of the characters and environments are in 3d, and you will also move back and forth into the background and foreground. In tune with the genre, the Nascent will put it's gameplay strength in it's exploration. Our goal is to give the player the freedom to explore and get as much out of the game as they wish without forcing them to have to find upgrades in order to enjoy the game. The Nascent's gameplay won't nessicarly revolutionize the genre but it will provide solid gameplay wrapped in a memorable story and a consistent fantastic humor.

Gameplay is supremely important, as we know but so to is story. We have tried to make sure that our gameplay and our story remain as a happy pair that works together. We don't want any of them to interfere or detract from each other. We have our narrator who will be the voice of the game. He will be the one who talks to you about everything; from your actions, to reading out that poster that you decided looked kinda interesting. The background will feel alive, we want to emphasize that you're a small part of a bigger world, the city itself will be as much of a character as anyone.

The Nascent will play similarly to any of the games in the genre. Seto, your character, will have a normal slue of basic moves; such as a attack, and some dodging. Then throughout the game you will unlock more abilities in order to get into previously inaccessible areas. The Nascent will also put an emphasis on using your abilities intelligently. Your enemies are all going to be stronger than you, however you have access to a lot of little quirky abilities that not only are useful in exploration but also in combat and combos with the goal of getting that messy thief kill in there.

All of this comes together for the plot of "It's kinda like a Tabletop RPG but in videogame form... kinda.". Every element of the game will share in the lovingly crafted asthetic to create a unified unique experience in order to make a game that will stay in your heart for years to come. We want The Nascent to radiate that aura or quirky indie love that we love to see in games. We love The Nascent, and we're going to make sure that everything comes together to create a game that people love and remember.

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