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Welcome the last free-for-all version of DungeonRift!

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We are approaching the start of the Early Access of our game and decided that we should release one more free version, and mostly important - to make necessary polish of it. In fact, this is demo version of our game. We’ve fixed a lot of bugs, including ones that were with us since December, replaced interface with new images, remade the entire balance of the game, inserted lots of new music, and finally made the game beatable with an ending, congratulations and an offer to play again. In the future, we will certainly make an endless mode, but 25 levels seem to be enough for demo version.

Gameplay-wise - combat now is more risky. In the early stages monsters die from 2-3 hits, the player himself rarely survives after 5. Monsters’ progression was also rebuilt, it became more smooth, characteristics of monsters are now leveling in adequate proportions, no more randomly chaotic form, as earlier =) Weapons were balanced and brought under a common standard, no more better or worth items.

The most noticeable change was made in graphic interface. The portraits of monsters are now properly shown, their levels and perk icons are placed in a pause-menu, where you can read their descriptions. All windows were redrawn, lead to a common style and configured to provide maximum comfort and access to the necessary game information.

And, of course, the game now has 11 songs more! It’s 12 times more than before! All music is written by John Leonard French. That single composition that we had since December is not so lonely anymore - every tileset in game has couple of its own songs, that in our opinion gave them unique athmosphere. We hope you’ll enjoy the music as much as we do.

Full changelog:

  • Rebalanced monster’s progression: now they level-up evenly up to 20th level (which possibly can’t be seen in demo version. Sorry for that.);
  • Bigger difference between monsters’ experience gain: monster will overgrow his friends very fast if you constantly kill him last;
  • Player’s upgrades are now limited: 10 for max. health, 4 per each: speed, mobility and potions;
  • Agility upgrades are more potent now: large weapons benefit most from it, though Damage-per-Second for non-upgraded and fully-upgraded player is balanced throughout all weapon types. Except for a dagger, it’s pretty fast from the start, so it’s DPS is higher than others’ without upgrades and a little lower with them;
  • Advice system added: they will pop-up above the character to tell about most of the game features, when you encounter them. Most of the tips are displayed only once - reset the progress (in "Statistics" menu) if you want to see them again;
  • More informative graphical interface. It’s even animated in some of its parts;
  • Added perk icons, that are displayed in the pause menu and when monsters learn them;
  • Secondary weapon is now controlled by one button. Right one. On the mouse;
  • The game now ends with congratulations after you beat 25th level;
  • Menu and interface have sounds now. Different sounds;
  • Traps have their own portraits that you can see if you die from them. Pretty brutal portraits;
  • Potions upgrade changes the bottle in the HUD. As well as drinking potion changes amount of fluid inside them;
  • When you hover cursor over the perks/unlocks icons and some other interface parts, small tip displays with a short description;
  • Our latest artwork is a loading screen now;
  • Par-time on different stages now differs by 5 seconds. Also, clock starts quietly ticking 10 seconds before expiration. Do not ask why the hourglass is ticking. It’s also ring at the end;
  • Insane amount of new graphics;
  • Insane amount of bug fixes;
  • Insane amount of balance edits;
  • Insane amount of new mechanics;
  • Insane amount of bitterness from how much of our work is not visible to the players.

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