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Demons Are Surfacing in today's news feed, check it out!

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Welcome to Today's News Feed: Demons Surfacing!

The Demons of Torment are seemingly impossible to control and are of an unstoppable force.
However they are controlled, or more so they are willed to do certain things, but only by a Meister that the Demon has claimed as his wielder.

Just as we are still making Meisters and not all of them make the cut, the same goes for Demons.
Here is the current list of Featured Demons and their Meisters:

Two Faced Death ~ Azrael
Mutor ~ Neptune
Acid Fenox ~ Desmond Bluu
Explositor ~ Samual Love
Gattor ~ Un-assigned
Bazt ~ Kalvin

Two Faced Death is the most feared of all Demons, he even frightens the lesser demons.

The Mutor is able to mute all communication from players, this means that if you encounter one in-game that you will be unable to communicate with your team members through chat or if you have a mic enabled Mutor will disable it.

The Acid Fenox has a gland that secretes a highly corrosive compound, that the Acid Fenox uses to break down walls and obstacles. The Acid Fenox also uses this ability to spit Acid on the Player.

The Explositor grows orbs filled with highly flammable and explosive fluid. Using the one arm behind his head, he will pluck the orbs from himself and throw them at the players.

The Bazt is a bat-like Demon that has the ability of very speedy flight, sharp claws, and also have a very nasty bite, that very quickly becomes infected acting as though poison to players that have been bitten.

The Gattor is very much like an Alligator, having a large and powerful jaw, sharp claws and tough hide.
Players who are snatched up in his jaw will have to fight their way back out pressing a series of buttons or having a team mate save them.

We of Team Torment are still developing new characters, Demons, Meisters, maps and so on day and night, so that all potential players can have the absolute best experience we have to offer. With that said we are considering changing our Engine from Unity to something better.

The next chapter in the Torment news feed is: Development Progress!

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