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Demon's Gear v0.4.2 has been released with both zip and 7zip versions.

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v0.4.2 Changelog


  1. Magic attacks now charge at a new rate
  2. Lightning Bolt now does more damage, lasts longer, and gets bigger and longer the more damage is charged.
  3. Icy Chill now does more damage, lasts longer, gets bigger, and produces more particle effects the more damage is charged.
  4. Fireballs now get bigger the more damage is charged.
  5. Explosions now do more damage and get bigger the more damage is charged.
  6. Added new wall slide animations
  7. Players now spawn at points with the least number of players nearby.
  8. The last used IP address is remembered.
  9. Bots attack at a more sensible rate.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed incorrect weapon texture showing for bows and spear
  2. Fixed wall slide animation not facing away from walls
  3. Fixed Blackout Shot effect not covering the whole screen
  4. Fixed players not spawning with max HP when joining a match
  5. Fixed players adding bots to the game when joining if not the host
  6. Fixed dead players remaining solid objects
  7. Fixed players treating each other like walls/sliding down each other
  8. Fixed bots sometimes not attacking


Zip [70 MB] -
7zip [36 MB] -

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