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The First Beta Version of Demonic Redemption is out!!!

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This is the very first version on my attempt on creating custom doom levels for Doom. As OF Now,, it only includes one level, Titled "Toxic Shaft". Further updates will be posted as soon as possible :) hopefully!!!

This new project just started when I got into Doom Builder 2, I hope I can improve it in future updates. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or fixes for the custom WAD. I would gladly read it...

This version is a very early version of Demon Redemption. As of now, 1 map is the only map currently available. I have not yet replaced the map names but I will in the future...Futher updates will be ASAP

I recommend running the WAD at PRBOOM or GZDOOM 4.3.3 or newer (Although you might need to adjust settings for GZDOOM First


Map01: "Toxic Shaft" (I recommend playing it in UV)

The map has lots of infested hitscanners and monsters (Especially UV and Nightmare), it has 3 secrets (One Chainsaw, A Megasphere, A Backpack, One locked door that requires a blue keycard, aside from that, there are lots of different height layouts and other level designs

You can download the demo here:

The layout of MAP01: Toxic Shaft in Doom Builder 2

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