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Demonic MP pre-Alpha version now included with the latest WarZone. Play against the computer-controlled Demon bots in Multiplayer Online or LAN. The full version is still on track to be released June 2009.

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The DemonicMP Mutator (alpha test) is included with the latest WarZone, which can be downloaded right now! Play with and against the computer-controlled Demons in Multiplayer with the DemonicMP Mutator for RtH30 and EiB. Just create a Multiplayer match (Online or LAN) and select DemonicMP from the mutators menu.

Demons will make room for Human players as long as the match hasn't started. Humans joining while a match is already in progress will only be allowed to join the server as spectators until the next match.

This is an Alpha test. There is a lot of work to do to improve the Demons' tactics. They stand a bit to the side while they arm/disarm explosives, and the distances to pickup/arm/disarm/reach an objective had to be altered. When a Demon dies and promotes another soldier, the new leader will pause for a few seconds; during this time he won't be able shoot or be damaged. Demons and bots will not always run for cover when explosives are planted.

Beyond these things, let me know of any bugs, suggestions, or anything else you think needs improvement. The full version DemonicMP is still on track to be released in June 2009.

Here is a short video of the Demons in action. All players other than myself are Demon bots:

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