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Check out the demo version of NEX here. Just beware of unfinished content, and be sure to send feedback.

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Hey there everyone! I am kinda new to the whole indie DB thing, but whatever.
I am working on this cool game called nex, and at the current point I figured I could release a demo. I just want to point out that that release date is really rubbery. I think I can get the sprites and code done by then, but the question of music and/or sound effects is a bit of a bigger issue. My bro is willing to work on it with me, but he still hasn't done anything towards it yet. So yeah, like I said, rubbery.
If everyone demands it though, I would be happy to release an unfinished version without music after I have finished all the enemies and sprites. Just keep in mind though
the full game will cost $2
I know, it should probably be free, but I am a poor uni student with no job, cut me some slack, okay?

Click here for the demo

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