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Thank you for the nice feedback, support, understanding, and also for suggestions on development and fixing!

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Demo version. Summary

Thank you for the nice feedback, support, understanding, and also for suggestions on development and fixing!

After 2 weeks after demo release I'm presenting a kind of report. Here you will find a brief synopsis of the further development plan, and also everything that will be considered and changed based on feedback and comments.
The most important points:

In the first place

In the first place-the voice acting. Based on the remarks of the English-speaking players the voicing will be improved - I'll find English-speaking voice actors. Fortunately, I have already received several volunteering proposals.


Secondly: Testing the mod prior to the full release will be way more thorough than for the demo release. It will probably take 1 or 2 months. (The testing of the demo release evidently proved insufficient, which resulted in having to make 2 patches a day in a great haste. That was my mistake, maybe caused by no experience of releasing projects like this)


Thirdly: The mechanics of fighting against the Suppressor will be changed a bit. From now on the plan of killing him will be a bit more clear and intuitive to the player. (Some players have faced a misunderstanding of the Suppressor killing principle, and I don't want this to possibly repeat in the full release). The gameplay features will be polished carefully to ensure the most pleasing and interesting gaming experience.

I have also received a suggestion to implement hacking the mines with the electro-hack. Now it seems strange to me that I haven't thought of it myself :) I'll try to implement this.

In short about other things:

In short about other things: estimating my potential I made a conclusion on the average walkthrough time of all chapters: about 2 hours (the average completion time of the demo was half an hour). As always, I'll focus on the gameplay features, and also on some plot details. Of the active characters, apart from Felix and Colbert, the player will meet Zander. Zander is a stern combatant that will fight by the player's side in one of the chapters.

And a poster - to finalize this all :)

Download Thunders leaves demo 1.3 - Mod DB

Also look at the new feature!

Xamp - - 559 comments

Awesome. Good to hear you're on the right track. Hacking combine mines sounds like a pretty logical addition to the electro-hack.

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DevinShadowV - - 532 comments

Hey I rather have the bugs ironed out before launching it so take your time.

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