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Demo Version 1.2.4 Out Now. Demo auto-loads from previous checkpoints and more...

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It’s been a while and many updates since I posted a new article. So here is an overview of the most recent and important improvements to Mayhem In Single Valley. The demo feels really stable now - so if you haven't tried it out yet now would be a pretty good time to do so. Thanks for all the feedback so far.

Happy Gaming - Brian


  • Added load from previous checkpoint option.
  • Game auto loads from checkpoints instead of returning to main menu after dying.
  • Item selector sprite changed to a hand.
  • Currently held items and equipped items now appear with a bounce animation when selected.
  • Item name box added to inventory.
  • Inventory size reduced by one row when bag is equipped.
  • Added animating sprite hint to find passport objective.
  • The demo now AutoSaves when new quests are activated and after more involved objectives are completed.
  • Clauses added to restrict opening menus opening during in game animation sequences, which caused buggy behavior.
  • Minor performance tweaks and added new story clauses.
  • Beating opening dream game makes getting out of bed a lot easier (more bonuses will be added for full game).
  • Updated to Unity 5.6.1.
  • Lots of minor performance tweaks and added new story clauses


  • Added lots of safety clauses to stabilize menus especially for loading and saving scenarios.
  • Fixed broken spider mini quest.
  • Stabilised the visual and auditory headache effects, which could be inconsistent in strength/appearance when loading from a previous, save.
  • Dialogue clause added to protect follow up functions from being overridden.
  • Fixed bug where you could not pick up savings if bedroom wardrobe is in contact with objects such a crumpled soda can.
  • Fixed bug where game hints failed to display in opening minigame if starting using the continue button when no saves have been created.
  • Save files now go the local app directory to avoid using old save files in new builds, which can cause issues if updates contain new features etc..
  • Fixed bug where quest was not activated if you interacted with treehouse window quickly after the treehouse cinematic.
  • Bug that stopped player from entering doors after dad beer quest fixed.
  • Saving/loading while carrying Baby Bro player speed fixed.
  • Audio not starting from correct position on load fixed.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes and code optimizations.
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