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Here you can find closer look at new features in Hero's Story Demo 1.0.4 such as traps, new character, animations, weapons and more!

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Few days ago new demoversion of Hero's Story was released. It added few new features, and i want to tell you more about them in this article.

New features in demo 1.0.4

This includes walking/jump/ idle animations, new effects and bouncing when character landed, explosions, fog etc. Tip: there are some interactive objects in levels - you can spot them by crosshair changing (when you can grab them by pressing F) or by hitting/moving them (such as a wardrobe in first location).

New features in demo 1.0.4

Because you asked for that. This includes new inventory system with multiple weapons and few animations for each weapon. Note: block (RMB) is temporarily disabled but it will be back soon.

New features in demo 1.0.4

There are few types of traps, such as spikes, falling platforms and more. I added this to dungeons that the players were more cautious. Tip: you can activate trap and force your enemy to die on it.

New features in demo 1.0.4

Now you can pick up more thatn one weapon and switch between them with numeric keys. Tip: now there is no big difference between them, honestly, but in nearest future they will have different range, damage and attack speed.

To complete the demo you need to escape the prison. Tip: you can crouch by pressing LeftCtrl and avoid some enemies or proceed under low gates.

I hope that it was helpful. Soon i plan to develop little update to 1.0.4 with gamma adjustment, character screen, new areas in levels, some hot bugfixes and weapons with different stats.

You can find new 1.0.4 demo in Downloads section.

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Hero's Story Demo 1.0.4

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