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Release of demo v1.3 and advertising Let's Play of the previous version

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Demo version 1.3 is out! I was going to wait until Traggey's Mongrel was released, but decided not to since I already passed the halfway point for the final version of this custom story. Some things to look for in this version:

1) Map revision. Most notably Chapter 1's Study and Chapter 2's Cellar. Made them look better and/or a bit more sensible.
2) Added models. The potash and fulminating gold models finally work in-game so they have been fully added. They're very easy to recognize now. Also new beds in the mansion and a few other minor things.
3) Custom music. Python Blue's custom soundtrack has been fully added to the demo. Enjoy the new music!
4) Bugs fixed. Some scripts were made to work a bit smoother, and extra messages added to clear up confusion. The end of chapter 2 relied heavily on the Remnant's buggy-as-hell pathfinding, so I went ahead and removed that part. Players can now explore the Cellar and end the game without waiting for the Remnant to stop being stupid.
5) Revised a few puzzles. The notoriously difficult candle puzzle has been given a simpler solution.

Please fully replace v1.2 with this update. You will also need the Justine expansion to properly play this demo. This was true of the other version too, and I simply didn't realize it until lately; the Remnant would not appear and clear the path to the Cellar.

In other news, LuckyJack020 has done a wonderful Let's Play of my demo that shows almost all of the highlights of my demo, and serves as a timely walkthrough of all my puzzles! Check it out here:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Part 5 will be out soon, as I had to help him with the end.

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