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Discouraged Workers Demo is Now Available on IndieGameStand! And it has been updated to V1.1.0!

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Thank you for your interesting on our game. I'm Lee Yunseok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. Today, I'm writing the our recent news. Please read this post and hope you like it!

1. Demo Released on IndieGameStand

Discouragd Workers Demo is now available on IndieGameStand. In there, you can download the discouraged workers pc(win/mac/linux) and android(apk) demo. And it provides a Steam and Desura redeem. Our 720P greenlight promotional kit and steam avatar kit is bonus! If you interesting, please visit our demo game page.

2. Demo V1.1.0 Update

I've updated the discouraged workers demo to our all distribution platforms. You can download it everywhere and I want to your feedback. In this updated,

  • Active Characters-Interviewer basic profile
  • Active Characters-Staff basic profile
  • Active Archives-Concept
  • Add Object sprites-Baby, Canned coffee, Envelope, Honey bread
  • Add Configuration-Text Speed for PC
  • Add Key binding- H: Show or hide window for PC
  • Fix Credits, Authorship, Sponsor, Supporter
  • Fix README
  • Fix some dialogues in Korean
  • Fix Configuration text
  • Fix Volume Control for PC
  • Remove useless Gayeon's transform
  • Remove useless persistent data
  • Remove Key repeat control
Discouraged Workers Demo V1.1.0

You can check the related screenshots,

Demo Configuration ScreenHoney BreadIngame canned coffee spriteHide dialogue windowInterviewer's basic profile.Ingame Concept Archive- Discouraged Worker

3. Next V1.1.5 update

The next version of discouraged workers, it will be last update for the demo. But the Steam and Game Jolt, there will be updated V1.2.0. You can check it on our previous news. And the next update description is,

  • Fix line breaks for centered text
  • Fix dialogue window position
  • Fix object sprites position
  • Fix Sponsor screen
  • Fix README

And you can check the related screenshots,

Demo V1.1.5 checklistDemo V1.1.5 checklist

// Thanks to read this post. Hope you enjoyed it, and if so, please play our demo, and give a feedback for us. We will reward all of you with a better game.

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