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Update that contains changes in the tutorial, the graphics menu and some other minor fixes.

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The tutorial has been really appreciated by the players, but it needed some tunning, so thank you for your feedback! The navigation through the instructions of the tutorial was not very user friendly, so now you can navigate by just using the arrows instead of pressing on the buttons on the screen. And you can also skip the instructions at any point by just pressing space!

Snowroll Demo v1.03

Another change in the tutorial is that now it has checkpoints, so if you die, you do not have to start all over again (only if you restart the tutorial). Also, the tutorial now has a forced ending into the golden igloo, because players need to now its existance.

Snowroll Demo v1.03

Another problem that players detected was that in the graphics section they did not know which was the current graphic setup. Now this has changed and it will be visible.

Snowroll Demo v1.03

Lava texture in the background volcanoes looked like plastic, now this is fixed and it looks normal and brighter.

Snowroll Demo v1.03

When players died against an invisible wall while being in the fire dimension, the death animation was incorrect, as it was the same as if the player had jumped into lava. Now the death animation is the same as when you die in the snow dimension.

Boundary death

Here you have the complete changelog:

Changelog Demo v1.03

- Added current selection in the "Graphics" section.

- Added checkpoints to "Tutorial".

- Changed navigation in the "Tutorial" popups.

- Changed "Tutorial" to make players end in the gold igloo.

- Changed lava texture from "Standard" to "Legacy Diffuse".

- Changed death effect when player collides with the level boundaries and the level is on fire dimension.

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To download the new demo you can click here:

Snowroll Demo v1.03

See you soon!

The Mountain Dog Team

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