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BROKEN CORE DEMO VERSION playable demo released, storymode intro available, 4 playable levels!

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"Broken core Demo version" download available!

As I promised, here the first playable demo of my game!
There is so much to tell you that i don't know where to start.
First of all it's a PC game, playable on most computers starting from 2gb of ram (i think it will run also on a 1gb ram pc but i can't test it).
The game will run on a window: 1200x860 (pixel size 2X) and you can easily put it on full screen pressing Alt+Enter (the same to return in windowed mode)

You can play using keyboard:
A= jump
S= shot
D= missile

Broken core DEMO VERSION contents
- Storymode illustrated intro;
- 4 playable levels from the game;

Broken core FINAL VERSION contents
-Storymode illustrated (intro and lots of other ingame illustrations);
-More than 30 playable levels;
-Bonus stages;
-3 kind of mechanical arm cannon;
-Password system to save progress;
-Huge final boss;
-Survival mode available;
-Secret art gallery.

Feel free to contact me for issues, advices, opinions and everithing jump in your mind playing my game, remember that this is far from perfection (lots of little things that i'll fix and change before the final release) so, don't be cruel!

Important! You can preorder your digital copy of the complete game (and lots of other great stuffs related to it) on Indiegogo page (the campaign will finish on january 03 2015 so get hurry!).

Hope you'll like this little preview, i'm proud of it cause i created all alone, sprites, backgrounds, music, level structure, everithing! And i think it's not bad at all.

Have fun and be "retro"!



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