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At least, we released our demo! You can download it here

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The Long Way Demo by SGL-TEAM

Released 28 august 2011

A short story:
The gameplay happens on a planet VENUS, in a mysterious labs - PHOL_LABS build by goverment of Earth. You worked in them until a strange accident happens. You should escape from labs...

Please read readme file before playing, it contains very useful info. Demo is working on a current version of Run3 Game Engine. Please report any bugs, except bugs listed in readme file.

Demo Demo Map screens

System Requirements:
Intel Dual Core 2.0+ GHZ (recommended modern)
NVidia or ATI ps_2_x syntax compatible(recommended NVidia, higher than 8800Gt)
1 gb RAM(recommended 2 gb)
200 mb of hard disk memory

Sorry for a high requiremets, our engine is very unoptimized. It has a very difficult solution for lighting. Anyway, you can boost the game from low FPS to high(in readme). On my friend computer (notebook made in 2009 year) it gives 35-40 FPS, but on my(NVidia 8400M) it gives 6-20 FPS.

The game supports stereo mode! You need an anaglyph glasses to play with it (very expensive for FPS).

We are proud to release our first production, it's a big honor for all of us.

But yet, it's difficult to make games with a team of 3 teammates. Also, 2 of them aren't able to often help me with development. So, often only I make the game. We want to make a Full game, but we prefer to make a good game on a good engine, and not just randomly placed models from 3rd party sites.

Yes, I want some new people in my team:

SGL-TEAM Advantages:

  • Our own custom built Run3 Game Engine(with many tools).
  • Subversion Server
  • Websites - one on ucoz, one paid.

We need:
Modeller and Animator
Art Designer
Texture Artist
CG Shader Coder
Sound FX Creator

Please join us, we need some great people in our team!

Enjoy our production,

Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

Checking it out now!

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Jpmerida - - 203 comments

That's all thank you!

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AwesomeOneXXIV - - 12 comments

I could do art design.

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