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I released that damn demo map finally! Now I can work on the full version more!

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Yep! Now that the demo map is released, I can work on recruiting and getting the full version done. Ypres as a map is already about 40% there! I plan to make the maps first and code missions after, with each campaign staying in one battlefield ie. a few missions for one, and then progress onto the next battlefield, doing it year by year in the war, So Ypres is 1914, then a key battle from 1915, 1916 and so on. All of this for one countries' campaign! it will be a tremendous task but I'm not approaching mission design as a conventional COD run n' gun. It will have it's duller moments and more exciting moments, just like war in the trenches is though to have been. Most of it was either staying defending a trench, or launching an attack being mowed down by a machine gun whilst attempting to overrun the enemy's trench. I hope you enjoy the mod when it is released though! Each campaign will be a total conversion so the mod doesn't remain dead for an eternity waiting to complete it all. So, given a few months, a british campaign will have been done and then a French, German, Austrian, perhaps an American and an ANZAC/Canadian/Gurkha one.

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